Saki Nishino, Japan

Saki Nishino

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Saki’s Story

Originally from Tokyo, Saki is majoring in International Relations at International Christian University.

Saki focuses on the labor issues of people with disabilities in Japan. Through her younger sister who has a severe intellectual disability, Saki experienced many obstacles that people with disabilities face, especially in the labor environment with low wages. Saki desires to increase the income of people with disabilities who work at factories by partnering with corporations to work with their processionals who have expertise in product development and marketing.

Upon returning to Japan, Saki is also planning to start a project to promote art created by people with disabilities in Japan. In Japan, purchasing their work is considered charity rather than simply appreciation of art. With the purpose of establishing a new art genre to create more opportunities for people with disabilities, Saki hopes to create an inclusive society in Japan regardless of skills, background and abilities.

Saki wants to clarify her own vision to solve social issues, reconsider her own leadership and how she wants to be, and overcome her weakness and fear to challenge new things through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program.