Sakino Kawano, Japan

Sakino Kawano

iLEAP TOMODACHI Social Innovation in Seattle, Spring 2016

Sakino’s Story

Born and raised in Tokyo, Sakino is in her fourth year of Meiji University studying clinical psychology.

When Sakino was studying in a two-year college, she realized that her interests lie in creating a space for people to pursue happiness. To pursue her passion, Sakino decided to transfer to a four-year university which is not a common decision for many students. After intensive study and strong self-belief, Sakino was able to enter university to study psychology. Recently, she took a year off from her university and did an internship at Walt Disney World in Florida to deepen her understanding of hospitality and spaces that bring people joy and happiness. Sakino is currently working on a project that creates a community where people inspire each other to believe in themselves and their choices. Throughout this project, Sakino clarified her dream to create a society where everyone can believe in themselves and maximize their full potential.

As an iLEAP TOMODACHI SIIS Scholar, Sakino is looking forward to developing her ability to support others to pursue their own dreams. In addition, she wants to verbalize her vision and dream by working with other SIIS members.