Sujeong Lee, South Korea

Sujeong Lee
South Korea

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Sujeong’s Story

Sujeong Lee strives to lead her business with integrity, as she believes the importance in alignment between a person’s values and their actions. Her leadership includes integrating the following four traits not only in her organization but in her day to day life: honesty, courage, sacrifice and leading by example.

Sujeong is the Director of World Transfer of IT (WTIT), an NGO based in Korea that works to disseminate IT technology in developing countries with limited access to solve the digital divide and achieve equity. She is also the founder and the CEO of E4NET, a software developing and localization company. Her vision for the two companies is to be a vehicle that can ‘Enrich humanity through IT technology’. Her aspirations for WTIT has led them to open offices in countries with limited IT capacity, such as Uzbekistan and Cambodia.

Sujeong’s commitment to social values is also seen in her organization investing 10% of their profits back to the society, as the maximization of profit is not the business goal. Sujeong is also passionate about fulfilling people’s dreams and visions, especially the next generation, which is why she has been involved in teaching Sunday school for the last 15 years and also mentors college students.