Tam Pham, Vietnam

Tam Pham

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Tam’s Story

Tam Pham’s lifelong goal has been to serve the most vulnerable in society and to help improve their lives. In 2000, she won a scholarship that took her to Netherlands to get a Masters degree in Economics, where she saw her passion for development work grow.

Inspired by young female development workers in Vietnam and encouraged by her own personal growth in the field, Tam started working with Plan Vietnam as the Livelihood Advancement Business School’s (LABS) Project facilitator. Within four years, LABS’s transitioned into a local NGO, REACH, and Tam became the organization’s first Executive Director. Under Tam’s dedicated leadership and hard work, the organization grew from a small 5-person team to a fully functioning staff of 50.  

For the last ten years, Tam has been actively involved in training more than 13,500 economically and socially disadvantaged youth in various vocational training courses across sectors with the ultimate objective of making them “Employable”. Tam is now ready to play a bigger role in the field of development and hopes to use her skills to continue building the future of civil society in Vietnam with the ultimate dream of bringing equity to her people.