Tamaki Kiyosawa, Japan

Tamaki Kiyosawa

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Tamaki’s Story

Originally from Miyagi, Tamaki is currently working in the service industry with a deep passion for Tohoku.

Tamaki wants the world to be a more tolerant place. With societies becoming more international, people are bound to come across a lot of diversity and Tamaki feels it is important for people to be more open minded and accepting. Tamaki experienced various forms of discrimination growing up, which resulted in her wanting to change the way people view minorities. She feels it is important for people to be treated as individuals regardless of whether they come from different ethnic or cultural background and/or having different thoughts and opinions.

In order to get a better understanding of different culture herself, Tamaki had also been involved in a project related to Nepal. She served as a deputy leader of a project which invited high school students affected by the earthquake in Nepal to come to Tohoku. During the year long project, Tamaki became more aware of how important technology is in connecting people, especially when working with students who were in Nepal. In her deputy leader role, Tamaki was also able to really asses her own leadership skills and abilities.

She quickly realized that there were many aspects of leadership she wanted to improve on, but also learned how valuable the experience was for her. Tamaki saw that a good leader has to have a lot of self-awareness, ability to accept different perspectives and the capacity to bring people together; qualities that she hopes to gain one day.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Tamaki hopes to learn more about technology and social innovation so that she can bridge more gap and bring people closer together.