Tamara Davila Rivas, Nicaragua

Tamara Davila Rivas

iLEAP International Fellow, 2014

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Tamara’s Story

Tamara is a woman who believes in social justice and equal rights for women and men. Most recently she worked as the Program Officer for the Fondo para la Equidad de Género y los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (FED, in English–Fund for the Gender Equity and Sexual and Reproductive Rights) which seeks to contribute to the advancement of gender equality in Nicaragua.

In addition, Tamara has worked as a psychologist in the Peten region of Guatemala with victims of violence, while also facilitating workshops for young people on their sexual and reproductive rights. With a deep personal investment in gender equality, Tamara describes her aspiration and belief in the possibility for a Nicaragua where “everyone can have the same opportunities, without distinction of color, sexuality, and religious beliefs.”

Tamara sees the iLEAP program as an opportunity learn about herself and from those around her. She also is looking forward to “discovering new ways of working with people to inspire social change.”