Te Puea Winiata, New Zealand

Te Puea Winiata
New Zealand

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Te Puea’s Story

Te Puea strongly believes in the importance of holistic care–because it is only by taking good care of self and community that we can create flourishing communities. She lives in Auckland and is of Maori descent with tribal lineage from Tauranga, East Coast of North Island. Te Puea has long been attracted to work where she can help people to reach their potential and see the best value in themselves. Although she has previously worked in therapeutic roles, her recent work has aimed at shifting power dynamics within systems and fostering new ways of thinking.

Te Puea is the CEO of Turuki Health Care, an organization which provides health and social services to Maori, Pacific people and those in need. She recently co-founded ‘Te Ira’ in partnership with PARS, an organization that primarily works with prisoners and their families, when she realized that in order to better meet the needs of prisoners and in particular, their children, the two organizations had to join forces.

Te Puea’s vision is to develop a virtual center of excellence at Te Ira, a unit that will analyse information and data from their services and turn emergent practices into better ways of delivering services that are responsive to need. She hopes to keep leading and being involved in areas of innovative service development that provide options for communities to become great.