Terumi Okaku, 2012 SIFJ

Terumi Okaku
2012 SIFJ

Representative Director & Founder
Live On

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Terumi’s Story

At the age of 19 years old, just 2 weeks before she entered university, Terumi’s mother took her own life. Since that time, Terumi has been committed to supporting children through grieving processes, and she facilitates self help groups for children who have lost their parents as the result of disease, disaster, suicide, terrorism and war. Terumi has been very active with educational outreach, giving lectures to the government, schools and temples (with monks) in order to educate people in Japan on what grief care is, and how Live On supports this process. Since 3/11, Terumi has been active in providing workshops, grief care for orphaned children, and providing information on grief care for victims of 3/11. After 3/11, Live On distributed over 7,000 booklets about grief care to the families who lost their family members as well as 10,000 incense sticks so that people could take time to pray. Terumi is now planning a memorial event for orphaned children on Mother’s Day. Her goal is to create a society where people can find hope out of grief. Terumi is working to establish grief care support in a society so that whenever, wherever and whatever way people experience loss, people can make their own decisions and start their lives again.