Winnie Adhiambo, Kenya

Winnie Adhiambo

iLEAP International Fellow, 2018

Winnie’s Story

Winnie began her work for Lwala Community Alliance in Kenya as a volunteer, post high school graduation in 2011. Driven by her dedication to the continual growth of the community, Winnie now serves as a Community Programs Manager, with a focus on Education and Economic Programs. In this position, she supports the development and implementation of the organization’s programs that center around education, community health, and economic empowerment. Winnie has held multiple positions within the organization since she began, and has witnessed first hand the growth of all three programs. While her journey with LCA has been a very long road, despite all the hard work and certain difficulties she faced, it has been nothing short of extremely rewarding.

Winnie’s vision revolves around the idea that communities can be the catalyst of their own change. She hopes to see more communities take ownership of what is needed in their regions. In particular, Winnie dreams of a time where young girls are empowered to know they deserve support, and are capable of creating their own bright future. She notes that the community’s perspective on girl children is what must change for this to happen, and that “if communities lead, change is drastic and lasting.”