Yuka Kobayashi, Japan

Yuka Kobayashi

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Yuka’s Story

Originally from Mie, Yuka is majoring in Psychology at Chukyo University

Yuka feels in order to be truly happy, one needs to be able to dream and have people in their life to help them realize this dream. She believes whatever we do, whatever we achieve – we often cannot do it alone and it won’t feel fulfilled unless we are able to share that moment with others.

For the last five years, Yuka was working with elementary school students and youth education volunteers in Japan. During that time, she came to the realization that many of the children had already imposed a limit on themselves and their vision in what they could achieve. When she asked them to write down their dreams, younger ones were unable to articulate their dreams, while the older ones stated the harsh reality in which it didn’t matter what their dreams were, they would eventually have to live by society’s expectation. This experience made Yuka realize the importance of ensuring the youth in Japan have the ability to break free from social norms and embrace their own identity. Yuka is currently studying human psychology and she hopes to use her knowledge in understanding how to enable a change that allows the young generation the possibility of having a future that they dream of.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Yuka wants to be meet new people to share her vision for Japan and learn from others. She also hopes to gain more experience in becoming a leader and learning new skills.