Zihao Mo, China

Zihao Mo

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Zihao’s Story

Zihao Mo graduated from university in 2013 with an ambition to tackle a basic problem that stops most people in China from offering donations: lack of incentive. With this in mind, he founded ‘RiceDonate’ – an online application that rewards “routine behaviors”. Through this app, people earn virtual rice by engaging in any of four activities: getting up early, jogging, answering encyclopaedia questions or regularly contacting family members. Charitable causes are listed on the app and users can donate their “rice” to an organization they support.

Having graduated from Peking University with a degree in Financial Management, Zihao has built his organization from two co-founders to 30 employees. RiceDonate is now the number one app in the charity field in China.

Zihao believes people inherently want to do good in the world and get joy out of helping others, but have not yet found a convenient and meaningful way of engaging in charity. His vision is to keep improving his organization and spreading his product to more people, as he believes charity and benevity deserves optimum use of technology in today’s world.