Our Website Design

iLEAP has grown and changed immensely since it’s beginnings — in our not so distant past we decided it was time for the look of our organization to grow and change with us. We put out feelers to the non-profit community and asked for referrals to help us make this happen. We had a few recommendations, some fits and starts and interesting experiences along the way, but in the end we landed on Seattle graphic designer Tarsha Rockowitz.

Meet Tarsha

keis-bdayWorking with iLEAP has been an incredible experience for me. The passion, kindness and heart of the people behind the organization is in itself an incredibly inspiring force. I’ve worked with clients bigger than big and smaller than small, but at the end of the day contributing to the success and culture of the non-profit world is what brings me the most satisfaction. While non-profits run the gamut, it is humbling to work with an organization who is giving everything to the things they believe in. iLEAP is like no other in that way and I am so very happy I could be a part of their team.
I won’t go as far as to say it was a no-brainer project – there were lots of thoughtful discussions and collaborations – but the ideas that came from working with iLEAP were abundant and clear. The energy of the organization was so easy to play off of and in the end the result was vibrant and meaningful. I truly feel that anyone who spends any time with iLEAP will see the connection and fit instantly. There is a lot of meaning behind the brand that we created but at the end of the day it is the feeling you get when you’re with iLEAP that truly ties it all together.
As a designer, putting everything together in a nice cohesive, thoughtful package is the only way to go. I wanted to create a home for iLEAP that was vibrant and engaging. It’s a place where people come together and share stories and learn about one another. The hope is that it will grow and evolve as the iLEAP community expands and grows. iLEAP as an organization embodies what a powerful tool the internet is – it connects us no matter where we are, making us a richer, truer global community. My hope is that this website is a hub where iLEAP graduates and friends near and far can come together and share ideas, learn about one another and stay connected so that you can be at iLEAP without being at iLEAP. I hope that you enjoy the experience here as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

My Story

tarsha-rockowitz-artistI am originally from Maine. I moved to Seattle 14 years ago because I couldn’t resist the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Transferring my art school credits from Philadelphia to Seattle proved to be a more than wise move. Seattle truly feels like home. I spent a long time working in advertising but knew that freelance is where I was meant to be. It provides variety and a collaboration with my clients that I don’t feel you can get in an agency setting — it feels more real, personal and meaningful. I am a born problem solver, creative thinker, complete night owl, adoring wife, proud stepmother, crazy cat lady and lover of life, art and beauty. You can see more of my work here, and here, and here.