Bao Nguyen
Operations Specialist

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To Bao, life is like a good motorcycle ride. There are long straights that just beg the rider to hunch down, open the throttle and become the wind. At times, hopefully often, the road curls into twists and turns, asking honed concentration and skill to take over. Rider and machine perform a complicated dance across the pavement, to the music of cylinders and tires. Every mile is different and there is always something new to learn. Born and raised in Viet Nam, Bao immigrated to Seattle at the age of ten and lived mainly around the White Center neighborhood. While he studied chemistry in school, Bao was involved in community building, social justice and leadership development.

Through this experience, he found a passion for non-profit work and creating change through human investment. Bao feels that iLEAP offers the ideal environment for his growth as an individual and as a professional. Bao also spends an inordinate amount of time as a volunteer youth group leader, helping young Vietnamese people retain and be proud of their heritage and to grow up strong and confident. Bao’s natural habitats are the bookstore and the racetrack. He enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, going on road trips, playing video games, taking things apart and not always being able to put them back together.

As the Operations Specialist, Bao is the jack of all trades, providing support for visa/immigration matters for our participants from around the world, space use/rentals, and overall programmatic support.