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Deborah Streeter
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Deborah was raised in a household with an open door policy. Wherever her family lived – and they resided in all four quadrants of the U.S. at some point during her childhood – a steady stream of visiting international scholars, exchange students and other guests flowed through the home. While this ever-changing roster of new faces meant Deborah never knew whom she might encounter at the breakfast table, it also taught her that a global family is a happy and interesting one.

In her work with iLEAP and other non-profits, Deborah strives to weave everyone’s distinct cultural thread into the larger organizational tapestry. Drawing on her own artistic tendencies, she engages the creative side of the mind to enable leaders to reach inside themselves and discover their full capabilities. Deborah firmly believes that committed people are capable of working together to effect true and meaningful change for the betterment of local and global populations.

Deborah earned her M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Antioch University Seattle, and her B.A. in Psychology from Whitman College. Her service on the board of iLEAP connects her with her personal goal to create and nurture partnerships between local and international organizations. Deborah served as the President of the Board from 2013-2015. She and her husband, Keith, welcome many iLEAP participants into their home, where they discover that language and cultural differences melt away in the warmth of a busy kitchen and that nothing is more powerful than fundamental human connection.

Extraordinary Board Member: Deborah Streeter from Seattle Met on Vimeo.

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