Leadership CircleSince 2008, iLEAP has been committed to the belief that grassroots leaders are the catalysts for large-scale social change and transformation around the world. Our work has also taught us that these remarkable leaders need time and space to renew themselves and deepen their leadership skills to create sustainable change. This is true whether it is in India, Nicaragua, Japan, or the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The iLEAP Leadership Circle is a distinguished group of people who believe in the iLEAP mission and make a multi-year gift in support of that belief. These people understand the importance of investing in the next generation of grass-roots social leaders who are working for justice, peace, and equality around the world. These people also understand that iLEAP is the right organization to to be doing this work at this this critical time in human history.
Leadership Circle
Leadership Circle members are trusted advisers for iLEAP executive staff and board leadership and have access to the key conversations that shape our work. For this reason, admission into the iLEAP Leadership Circle is exclusive and by invitation only.
As a member of the iLEAP Leadership Circle, you are invited to intimate events to meet with iLEAP’s international participants from all over the world. These include welcome receptions, dinner parties, graduation events, and iLEAP’s signature event, Dinner and Dialogue (d2).
Your multi-year pledge enables iLEAP to bring more social leaders to Seattle to participate in iLEAP’s leadership programs. Your gift ignites iLEAP’s capacity to build the regional and global networks that sustain leaders in their pursuit of positive change in their communities.

Please join the iLEAP Leadership Circle with a multi-year investment at one of the levels listed below.
  • Transformation: $15,000 per year
  • Hope: $10,000 per year
  • Ignite: $5,000 per year
  • Renew: $2,500 per year
  • Inspire: $1,000 per year

Please join us in iLEAP’s Leadership Circle and invest in the next generation of social leaders around the world.
Like all contributions to iLEAP, your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.