Our Photography

iLEAP is all about the people. We are very privileged to work with two superb photographic talents that help us capture and share the spirit of iLEAP through visual media. We hope their work makes you feel like you have a front row seat to heart of the iLEAP community.

Meet Chip

As a portrait photographer, I am drawn to capturing a person’s spirit at a unique moment in time and there is no better place to meet interesting and inspiring people from all over the world than iLEAP. Every shoot is a new experience and I love watching this community grow from behind the lens. I know that for iLEAP program participants this is an absolutely transformative time in their lives and I am honored to document their journeys into becoming more empowered change makers.

Chip’s Story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrior to working with iLEAP, Chip taught photography with the ph15 Foundation in Buenos Aires and managed the production center and educational programming at the Three Shadows Photography Centre in Beijing. He moved to Seattle in 2010 and dedicates his time to freelance photography, beer brewing, mushroom foraging and other creative endeavors. Chip’s website for his personal projects is: chiprountree.com.

Meet Becker

Becker’s Story

beckerEric Becker is an Emmy Award winning Seattle-based director with a focus on short documentary film. His work seeks to create an emotional connection between the viewer and subject through intimate, authentic portraiture and storytelling. His pieces have been seen in festivals, on television, and online. He is the founder and owner of We Are Shouting, a commercial production company in Seattle.