Customized Programs

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Pictured above, participants of four-week iLEAP Global Leadership program for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International.

iLEAP can design and deliver a transformational leadership experience that can be customized to fit a wide range of contexts (cultural, regional, issue, economic) and lengths of time. Since 2008, we have worked closely with partners who have specific training needs related to iLEAP’s core competencies in leadership development, cross-cultural communication, and social change and innovation. These programs can take place in Seattle, Washington and/or in Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

We choose to partner with organizations and institutions who align with our mission, vision, and values to secure resources, identify the right participants, and create unique programs that are consistent with our mission and values. These programs may be funded as fee-for-service or through grant-making and may focus on a target population, issue, or part of the world.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more and exploring if we can design a program that meets our shared vision to grow community-based leadership and reduce human suffering in the world.

Emerging Leaders: Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos >

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) International strives to provide a permanent family and home for orphaned, abandoned and other at-risk children who live in conditions of extreme poverty. NPH programs provide quality education, health care and spiritual formation with the goal of raising productive members of their respective societies.

Since June 2015, NPH and iLEAP have partnered on multiple 4+ week Global Leadership trainings in Seattle. The program is specifically designed for NPH staff and graduates of the NPH community who originate from Mexico and Central and South America. This customized program was created due to the need and demand for leadership development in the NPH community.

Individual Level goals for program

  1. Greater Clarity of Personal Leadership and Future Vision in each Graduate.
  2. Greater Confidence in their Individual Ability to Lead and Innovate in Times of Uncertainty.
  3. The Formation of a Defined and Sustainable Community of Support for Program Graduates.

Organizational Level goals for program

  1. Greater Hope and Optimism for the Future of NPH and the Next Generation of Leadership within the Organization.
  2. An Increased Commitment from Staff Members and Hermano Mayores to NPH.
  3. Higher Retention of Young Leaders within the Organization.
  4. Clearer Succession Plans for Individual Homes.
  5. Increased Collaboration–both externally with new organizational partners and internally within staff teams.
  6. Greater Diversity within Organizational and Staff Leadership.
  7. Higher Incidence of Entrepreneurial, Revenue Generating Projects Across the Organization.
  8. Greater Openness to Creative Thinking and New Models for Social Change within NPH.
  • Location: Seattle
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Period: 2015-present
  • Participant Profile: Emerging Leaders: youth who have been raised in the NPH homes and NPH staff members

Emerging Leaders: Social Innovation in Seattle >

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Social Innovation in Seattle (SIIS) was a four week, open-enrollment training designed for university students from Rikkyo University, Meiji University, Shiga University, and in partnership with Mainichi Education Abroad. The SIIS program ran from 2008-2016 and was designed to introduce participants to the idea of social innovation and inspire greater clarity in their personal leadership and future path. The integrated curriculum balanced classroom learning with a professional internship and different site visits to Seattle-based businesses and organizations pursuing some degree of social innovation. Program participants also took part in individual advising and coaching sessions which helped to weave the experience together and make it uniquely relevant to his or her life.


Program Summary:

  • Seminars: Each week, participants learned about social innovation and leadership through integrated seminars taught by experienced leaders in the field. The participatory seminars enable them to deepen their understanding about how to initiate and lead social innovation in their businesses and communities and, more importantly, where their passion lies for being a part of this work.
  • Site Placement: During the program, participants were assigned to a professional placement with a Seattle-based social business, institution, agency or nonprofit organization working in a field relevant to their interest.  Like an internship, this Site Placement takes place 2 to 3 times each week, for the during of the working day.  The specifics of the Site Placement work will vary from placement to placement and the needs of the collaborating business or organization. Some past Site Placements include: Washington CASH, Northwest Center, Social Venture Partners International, Brown Paper Tickets, OnePacific Coast Bank, Feet First, Ten Thousand Villages, Seattle Tilth, One World Now!, and Pro-Use Produce.
  • Site Visits: During this program, participants attended a number of Site Visits to local organizations and businesses who are engaged in various forms of social innovation–including around Fair Trade, organic foods, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, women’s issues, homelessness, and more. These visits offer participants a unique opportunity to witness business practice from the “inside” and speak directly with those leading this work. Some past Site Visits include: Farestart, Seattle Mariners, Theo Chocolate, Starbucks, Microsoft, Tully’s Coffee, Woodland Park Zoo, and PCC.
  • Advising: Consistent with iLEAP’s mission, iLEAP staff work closely with each participant to help cultivate clarity around personal and professional direction through Advising session. This is an opportunity for participants to better understand themselves, their dreams, and the way forward for their lives.

Emerging Leaders: Young Professionals programs >

  • Young Professionals (YP) and Social Innovation. YP was a one week program conducted in partnership with Mainichi Education Abroad designed to deepen participant’s knowledge about the basic tenets of social innovation and enterprise and how it is being applied in Seattle and around the world. YP participants experienced skill-based seminars, as well as small group discussion, site visits and personal inquiries. Some of the seminar topics we: personal leadership, social leadership and collaboration, creating a theory of change and innovation in philanthropy.
  • reImagine MyPro was an eight week program conducted in partnership with Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC). The program trained and supported young Japanese professionals in their work to initiate and grow projects or businesses of their own in the provincial areas of Japan. It led participants through a diversity of learning experiences that took place in Seattle and was followed by an applied internship experience in either the US or other country. All of these experiences were focused on learning and personal and professional growth. After the completion of the program, participants returned to Japan to implement collaborative projects in their respective area of interest.

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