iLEAP Global Programs

The iLEAP International Fellowship is a long-term investment in community-based leadership in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each year, iLEAP selects up to 15 grass-roots leaders from around the world from a highly competitive pool of hundreds to join this unique, cross-cultural and global leadership training in Seattle. The eight week program is well integrated, with a balance between personal reflection and retreat, group learning and dialogue, and professional training in partnership, communication, and effective leadership. iLEAP Fellows return home to lead their communities with a renewed clarity and commitment to who they are, what they do, and how together we can change the world.

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change (TLC) is a partnership between iLEAP and Microsoft Philanthropies Asia supporting social sector leaders from Asia and Oceania to become more transformational leaders, advance bold ideas for how technology can support social impact, and form a regional community of support. iLEAP’s Transformative Leadership for Change model has been uniquely designed as a 10 day intensive leadership training in Seattle, Washington. Participants take a deep dive into the core iLEAP themes including, transformative and conscious leadership, authentic partnership, and visioning. The training design also intersects with Microsoft Philanthropies’ impact model to leverage resources, technology, employees, and community investments in order to drive greater inclusion and empowerment of people.

The iLEAP Latin America Leadership Initiative (LALI) is an overarching leadership training and social investment designed to amplify the leadership capacities of the next generation of social leaders in Latin America. It is connected to the iLEAP International Fellowship training and has a particular emphasis on women leaders. LALI was created in 2010 and, since that time, iLEAP has held an annual regional gathering in Central America for iLEAP graduates. Prior to 2015, LALI was called the Central America Women’s Leadership (CAWL) initiative.

The iLEAP Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (SALI) has a vision to grow a thriving network of civil society leaders and social innovators from ASEAN countries who are both rooted in their local work and connected to strong global partners. SALI pursues this vision by bringing together civil society leaders from ASEAN countries to Seattle, Washington, USA for intensive trainings in social innovation, leadership development, network building, and cross-cultural learning and exchange. SALI also convenes graduates within Southeast Asia for advanced trainings and network strengthening.

reLEAP represents our work to re-ignite a graduate’s connection to the hope, inspiration, and community they experienced in Seattle. reLEAP is a tangible expression of our organizational commitment to our graduates, and our belief in the depth of relationships—to ourselves and each other—to ignite and sustain social change. reLEAP is comprised of a series of advanced trainings in leadership and social innovation that are offered exclusively to graduates. These trainings are held both within regions (Latin America, Asia, and Africa) and also in Seattle. Groups are assembled across multi-year iLEAP cohorts and further deepen the trust and bonds between social leaders that are vital to build lasting community in service to social change.