ifThe iLEAP International Fellowship (IF) is a multi-week, integrated leadership training program designed to strengthen and deepen the leadership capacities of established social change leaders from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America. The IF is one of iLEAP’s “signature programs” and offers a rare transformational experience for grass-roots leaders who are at the forefront of social change.

The IF is designed for leaders to renew and sustain themselves, and find the inspiration that is often lost in the day to day intensity of professional responsibilities, lack of safety, and sense of urgency for action. The IF helps leaders to reflect on their professional and personal journey, reconnect with purpose, strengthen leadership capabilities, learn from and with other social leaders, and return home with a global community of support and practice.



What is the Purpose of the IF?

The purpose of the iLEAP International Fellowship is to accompany social leaders across cultural contexts and economic divides to cultivate deep and sustained positive transformation in their lives and in the communities they serve. At iLEAP, we believe that today’s leadership challenges require a deeper attention to our personal and common humanity. We believe that the world needs leaders who can find dynamic solutions to adaptive challenges and who understand the limitations of technical fixes.

Furthermore, at iLEAP we are working to nurture a new generation of leaders who have the capacity to co-create social transformation with an awareness that attends to both the dimension of both power and love. We intentionally choose to work with social leaders and attend to their renewal, sustainability, and inspiration because we believe that it is through people and their relationships that we can create lasting social change.

Interactive Seminars and Skills Building Sessions


Each week, Fellows engage in seminar trainings led by experienced facilitators and trainers who are steeped in the central themes of the program. The seminars range in length from 90 minutes to multi-day and occur 4-5 times each week.

While there are didactic elements in the seminar trainings, the learning environment is highly interactive and participatory. The personal and professional experiences of each Fellow are highly valued and they are encouraged to bring this life experience into the conversation and learn from each other’s experience.

Peer Learning and Site Visits


After finding their grounding in the program, the Fellows go on site visits and connect with other leaders from Seattle-based social enterprises, institutions, agencies or organizations.  Over the course of the program, Fellows will learn from these leaders, share ideas, and gain insights in support of their work and movements.

Fellows are also able to share their experiences with those working in Seattle on a peer-to-peer level. Fellows also go on a number of site visits to local organizations and businesses. Over the course of the program Fellows visit dozens of places and meet with leaders to share ideas and learn. Past visits have included: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Washington Cash, Goodwill Job Training Center, Agros International, Landesa, Northwest Center, and FareStart.

Reflection and Embodiment Practice


One aspect that makes the Fellowship unique is the high value we place on the process of personal inquiry and reflection on one’s own leadership. While there are a number of technical and “skills based” elements to the program, our graduates consistently say that it is the opportunity to take a step back from the frenetic pace of their day-to-day leadership challenges and come into guided dialogue and inquiry that holds the greatest meaning to their time in Seattle.

Fellows are provided space to re-find their connection to work and vocation and explore questions around such issues as authenticity, personal sustainability, the intersection of the professional and personal, and creativity. Fellows meet regularly with iLEAP’s advisors and coaches in one-on-one sessions that build on each other and seek to inspire a lifelong practice of personal inquiry for social action.

Community Dialogue and Speaking Engagements

2012-IF-Dilma-Rodriguez-presentsFellows will have opportunities to have dialogue with individuals who are connected to extended networks of iLEAP and beyond.  Additionally, Fellows may have speaking engagements and both intentional and unstructured opportunities to network with the global development sector in the Seattle area. Sharing their work and the honest stories of inspiration and challenge that comes with any change endeavor is an opportunity for iLEAP Fellows to tell real stories and be teachers during their time in the program.

How to Apply to the International Fellowship

Please check in early 2017 for information on how to apply for our 2017 program. Please check our website or Facebook page for more information.


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