reLEAP Overview

reLEAP represents our work to re-ignite a graduate’s connection to the hope, inspiration, and community they experienced in Seattle. reLEAP is a tangible expression of our organizational commitment to our graduates, and our belief in the depth of relationships—to ourselves and each other—to ignite and sustain social change.

reLEAP is comprised of a series of advanced trainings in leadership and social innovation that are offered exclusively to graduates. These trainings are held both within regions (Latin America, Asia, and Africa) and also in Seattle. Groups are assembled across multi-year iLEAP cohorts and further deepen the trust and bonds between social leaders that are vital to build lasting community in service to social change.

reLEAP: El Salvador

LALI LogoIn April 2015, we held a reLEAP in El Salvador. Women graduates from around the region gathered at the Jardin de Celeste along the Ruta de las Flores to participate in a three-day training facilitated by iLEAP staff. Graduates connected around issues of power and love as well as some of the specific challenges of being women leaders working toward social change in their communities.

About iLEAP

iLEAP LogoiLEAP exists to create more social justice and equity in the world and to lift up and sustain the community-based leaders who are the center of social change. We believe that, if we grow, transform, and connect these people that it will lead to stronger communities, countries, and less human suffering in the world.Visit the iLEAP site >

About the iLEAP International Fellowship

International FellowshipThe iLEAP International Fellowship (IF) is a multi-week, integrated leadership training program designed to strengthen and deepen the leadership capacities of established social change leaders from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America. The IF is one of iLEAP’s “signature programs” and offers a rare transformational experience for grass-roots leaders who are at the forefront of social change. The IF is designed for leaders to renew and sustain themselves, and find the inspiration that is often lost in the day to day intensity of professional responsibilities, lack of safety, and sense of urgency for action. The IF helps leaders to reflect on their professional and personal journey, reconnect with purpose, strengthen leadership capabilities, learn from and with other social leaders, and return home with a global community of support and practice.Learn More >