Francis Janes


Francis was born in Canada and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. After studying electrical engineering, Francis worked in the information technology industry for many years. He believes passionately that those of us who have been given so much have an obligation to do our part to help those in need. He believes that it is always important to ask how can we work collaboratively to improve the human condition and build a sustainable world.

Francis has served on the boards of Pigs Peace Sanctuary, ToastMasters and EarthSave International. He volunteers for organizations such as the YMCA, Washington CASH, New Horizons Ministries, Habitat for Humanity and Food Lifeline. Francis is also passionate about helping people understand the importance of transitioning to a plant-based diet. He believes that a plant-based diet is the basis for improved human health, restoration of our environment and a declaration of compassion for all sentient beings. Francis lives in Seattle with his wife Carol Sue, daughter Elizabeth, and their rescued shelter dog and house rabbit.