Haruka Nagano

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Haruka is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for iLEAP where she manages general communications including the iLEAP website, emails, and social media. She also assists program management and administration by coordinating group projects, site visits, and transportation, and by communicating with participants throughout the program. She is committed to helping more Japanese people grow their self-confidence and self-acceptance, as she believes that this contributes to a stronger Japanese society.

Before iLEAP, Haruka worked as an orientation leader at University of Washington Bothell, where she improved her cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. She has over 15 years of customer service experience in the food and event industry in Japan. Through this work experience, she served thousands of weddings, parties, events, and business meetings. She enjoys providing hospitality to participants and guests at iLEAP.

In addition to her work at iLEAP, Haruka and her husband Alex are cat & dog sitters. She finished her BA degree in Media and Communication at University of Washington Bothell. She applies her learnings from this degree both at iLEAP and her personal media about her cooking and drawing.

Haruka was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. With many family and friends on both sides of the Pacific, she considers both Japan and Seattle as her home.