Soohyeon Park

Communications and Marketing intern

Soohyeon is the Communications and Marketing intern for iLEAP where she assists with general communications including the iLEAP website, emails, and social media.

Before iLEAP, Soohyeon studied Japanese in Soongsil university in Korea. Through her major and exchange student experience in Japan, she improved her Japanese skill to a high level. Especially while working at hotel when she was exchange student, she could learn about Japanese company culture and professional communication skills in Japanese.

Additionally, Soohyeon was a representative for the international organization of her home university. Managing almost 200 exchange students from all over the world, she improved her cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. She is anticipating to support the participants with her effort and sharing her experience.

Soohyeon is working as intern as one part of the Korea WEST program, which enables Korean university students to study and work in the U.S.. In order to be a qualified worker, she studied English and business manners in ILI (International Language Institute), located in Washington D.C. before she came to Seattle.

Soohyeon was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. But she likes traveling and having a global connection. She believes that not only Korea but also every country could be her home.