About Us

We are a social enterprise delivering high-quality, high-impact leadership and educational programming for teens and young adults.


Nurturing a new generation of globally-minded leaders with the inner and outer resources to pursue lives of purpose and to advance social good.


A world where people find meaningful connection and celebrate our common humanity.

Group of iLEAP Students

6 Leadership Tools at iLEAP

Modern problems require modern solutions. iLEAP offers a modern leadership training program guided by these powerful 6 leadership tools. As a result of any iLEAP program, you’ll be more grounded with confidence knowing you have powerful tools that will guide your future path.


Discover your strengths and weaknesses to lead with confidence


Connect with others by understanding their “why”


Swiftly adapt to new challenges and find their solutions

Global Mindset

Transcend borders to collaborate on global problems


Establish trust and build authentic relationships


Develop confidence in your decisions through critical thinking

Who We Serve

Since 2008, our educational programs have been creating transformational and life-changing experiences for young people through highly integrated curricula that combine experiential, group, and reflective learning.

iLEAP serves those who seek to grow their leadership and to learn how they can advance social good in the world. Some of the general profiles of the people iLEAP currently serves:

High School and University students interested in growing their confidence in leadership and clarity for their future
Recent graduates searching for their career path and next steps
Working professionals and school teachers wanting to expand their perspectives on work and deepen their purpose

Our Pillar Programs

Customized Learning

Launch the right program for your team with minimal time and effort required on your side.

Student taking online course notes

Online Learning

Meet peers from all over the world and gain a crucial skill set for high-impact leadership in as short as 12 program hours, all from your desk.

iLEAP students at the Amazon Spheres

In-Person Learning

Grow your leadership through internships and training under the beautiful skyline of Seattle.