Global Pluralism Youth Initiative (GPYI)

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The Global Pluralism Youth Initiative (GPYI) was a 7-week online program, formed in partnership with Western Washington University (WWU) partially funded by the U.S. Embassy Japan. Launched in September 2021, GPYI invited 19 high school students from 15 different prefectures in Japan (Gifu, Aichi, Osaka, Aichi, Tokyo, Nagano, Toyama, Fukuoka, Hyogo, Hokkaido, Nara, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Chiba, Hiroshima).

Three Main Pillars:

Global Pluralism Course

A core, online course provided by iLEAP that grounds students in the foundations of global pluralism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

English for Transformational Leadership Course

A customized English language training course provided by Western Washington University.

Admission Seminars

Lectures on how and why to study and learn abroad in the United States provided by Western Washington University.

Program Goals

For this GYPI program, two specific goals were set up:

  • Goal 1: Understand how leadership with a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging lens looks in cross-cultural and global contexts.
  • Goal 2: Acquire the knowledge and skills that 21st century leaders need to operate professionally in equitable and inclusive ways across cultures.



of the participants successfully received a certificate of completion from Western Washington University.


of the participants said they have deepened their understanding in people with different backgrounds and identities.


of the participants said they increased their knowledge in diversity and inclusion.


of the participants said they increased their English communication skills to speak about diversity and inclusion.


of the participants said they increased their knowledge about studying in the U.S.


of the participants said they started to think that studying in the U.S. is one of the options for their future.

I was able to learn new information and new ways of thinking that I cannot gain from my school in a global environment as if I am abroad.

–M.T. 16 years old

I hadn’t learned about leadership prior to this program, so I had no idea how I could utilize my leadership to contribute to society. Through this program, I learned there are many types of leaders in the world and many ways to be active to create a better society. I feel more confident now that I have more ideas.

–M.K. 17 years old

Through listening to other participants’ stories who have personal experience with diversity and inclusion in their daily lives in Japan and the U.S., I found they made connections between their own identity and issues of race and diversity. It was something I hadn’t thought about until this program.

–T. K. 17 years old

Public high schools like ours are not able to offer this kind of opportunity to study diversity and inclusion, so we appreciate this program. I already see the challenge of being in this program is helping our students grow and gain confidence.

–K.M. Public high school teacher

Course Details

Program Schedule

  • 11:30 > 12:30
    Week 1
  • 12:30 > 13:30
    Week 2
  • 13:30 > 14:30
    Week 3
  • 14:30 > 15:30
    Week 4
  • 15:30 > 16:30
    Week 5
    ,Foundation of Leadership,
  • ,リーダーとリーダーシップの違いは?リーダーシップの定義とは?また自分の中のリーダーシップ資質(クオリティ)を発見していきます。,
  • 16:30 > 20:30
    Week 6
  • 20:30 > 21:30
    Week 7
土曜日 午前8時開始
  • 0:00 > 04:00
    English for Transformational Leadership (ETL)
  • 翌日に行われるリーダーシップ入門に備えた英単語と英会話を行います。
  • 04:00 > 05:30
    Exploring and Managing Identity
  • Who am I?の問いをめぐって、アイデンティティについて掘り下げていきます。
  • 05:30 > 07:00
    English for Transformational Leadership & 留学準備セミナー2
  • リーダーシップインタビューに備えた英会話を練習します。またウェスタンワシントン大学スタッフによる、アメリカ留学の仕方についてのセミナーも行います。
  • 07:00 > 08:30
    English for Transformational Leadership (ETL)
  • 最終日のプレゼンテーションに向けての練習をします。
  • 08:30 > 09:30
    授業なし (10/30)
  • 09:30 > 10:30
    授業なし (10/31)
  • 10:30 > 11:30
  • ワシントン州ベーリンハム市にあるウェスタンワシントン大学への留学方法について、留学オフィススタッフによるセミナーです。留学についての様々な疑問点についての質疑応答があります。
日曜日 午前8時開始
  • 0:00 > 01:30
    Introduction and the Constructed World
  • グローバルプルラリズムの定義とは?社会構造を理解した上で定義を理解し、差別や人種問題を学ぶ上での準備をしていきます。
  • 09:00 > 13:00
    Cross-Cultural Communication
  • 異文化コミュニケーションの基礎について学び、アクティビティを通して自分の根底にある信念や考えを浮き彫りにしていきます。
  • 09:00 > 13:00
    Equity in Practice
  • Equity とは何か。平等ではなく、公平であることとは?実際の社会での公平性の在り方について学びます。
  • 09:00 > 13:00
    Leadership Statement
  • 自分の持つリーダーシップとは、そして何を大切にして、この先自分を他人を導いていきたいか、将来に向けてのコミットメントを各自発表します。
  • 14:00 > 15:00
    授業なし (10/31)

In partnership with:

Western Washington University