The Japanese American Youth Leadership Initiative (JAYLI) は5週間のオンラインプログラムです。本プログラムは在米日系人リーダー(JALD)訪日プログラムの2019年度参加のリーダーたちの支援によって実現しました。日本の高校生を対象としたJAYLIプログラムには全国から17名の高校生が参加しました。

Three Main Pillars:






English for Transformational Leadership (ETL) はウェスタンワシントン大学との提携で実施されたiLEAPでリーダーシップを学ぶ参加者のための特別英語クラスです。スピーキングの機会を沢山得るとともに、ライティングの練習と語彙を増やしていきます。

Program Goals

For this JAYLI program, four specific goals were set up:

  • Goal 1: Understand their own leadership, and how effective leadership can look like in global contexts
  • Goal 2: Acquire the knowledge and skills that 21st century leaders need to operate professionally in equitable and inclusive ways across cultures
  • Goal 3: Inspire Japanese youth to utilize their own leadership through interaction with Japanese American mentors
  • Goal 4: Connect students to each other and encourage them to find ways to collaborate and advance social change in Japan and the world



of the participants said this online program provided a meaningful learning experience for them. 


of the participants successfully discovered their own leadership and strengths through this program.


of the participants said they gained a deeper understanding of who they are.


of the participants said they want to continue developing the relationship with other program participants.


of the participants said they discovered their future vision by learning about who they are.


of the participants said they want to recommend this program to others who wish to learn about leadership.

Vulnerability was my learning. In the future, I want to be an entrepreneur in a global setting. I want to be a leader who can show vulnerability to other team members.

-S.N. 18 years old

My perception about leaders has changed completely. I thought leaders should always lead, lead and lead. But I learned leaders need to always be aware of being one of the members too. Leaders can be friendly, kind and smiling to other people.

-K.Y. 18 years old

Being honest with myself was very impactful. I tend to think “I have to be like that” but I want to be positive about myself and be honest with myself.

-H.K. 17 years old

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