About Our Logo

Our previous logo with its vibrant colors and seven overlapping spheres represented the plurality of iLEAP’s work with both emerging and established leaders from around the world. However, when we shifted our mission to focus on young and emerging leaders, it is as if we are now focusing on just one of the spheres. We felt that, if one were to get closer to the details of one of the spheres, they would see that in fact the solid color was not solid at all–but made of up a brilliant mix of hues. In this way, our new logo maintains the spirit of our previous one, but highlights the uniqueness in each circle.

For many participants, they find this logo to be a familiar image as it was on the cover of our iLEAP journals for nearly 5 years (2013-2018). While we considered a number of options, this best captured the new direction of iLEAP–familiar, yet fresh and alive.

Old iLEAP logo
New iLEAP Logo

Finally, the image itself is intended to represent a dandelion. Dandelions often thrive in adverse circumstances and find ways to spread their life force in some of the most difficult conditions. Resilient, adaptable and open to wanderlust, the dandelion captures many of the leadership sensibilities that we are looking to grow in our young participants. With a new mission to nurture a new generation of globally-minded leaders with the inner and outer resources to pursue lives of purpose and to advance social good in the world, we seek to cultivate more of this leadership.