Our Programs

Our work nurtures leadership in young people and equips them with the personal and professional tools for transformation needed to address the challenges of the 21st century. Participants engage our work through distance and in-person learning and also through consulting services where we work closely with institutions and businesses to meet their educational needs.


Customized Learning

iLEAP has two decades of experience in designing and delivering programs that have a positive, lifelong impact on young people. For this reason, we also work with institutions, organizations, and businesses to develop their own unique programming and advise on such topics as human development, education, international/cross-cultural learning, and curriculum design.

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Online Learning

Our life-changing programs can be experienced from anywhere in the world. Offered in both English-only and English-hybrid platforms, our distance model is a blending of experiential, reflective, collaborative, and received learning. While learners may be physically distant from each other, our programs strongly emphasize the meaningful connections between people that grow a sense of confidence, clarity and community in all participants.

SIIS YP program participants

In-Person Learning

Since our inception in 2008, iLEAP has been designing and delivering transformational in-person programs for people from around the world. We now offer in-person leadership programs that range in length from one to three weeks and that take place in the United States and, from time to time, other locations in Asia and Europe. Programs in the United States are administered through our partnership with Western Washington University.