Social Innovation Forum Japan (SIFJ)

SIFJ Participants

The iLEAP Social Innovation Forum Japan (SIFJ) was created to serve the post-March 11th rebuilding efforts in Japan and to amplify the local impact and global voice of those Japanese leading social change efforts in the wake of the triple disaster. The SIFJ was grounded in three anchor points: one, as a capacity building and global leadership training for Japanese social leaders and entrepreneurs, two, as a platform for Americans to learn from and build practical partnerships of mutual support with Japanese civil society institutions and social businesses and, three, to seed and cultivate new global collaborations within civil society in the Asia-Pacific region in order to best solve key global issues.

Run over three years (2011-2014) the SIFJ trained nearly forty key Japanese social leaders and entrepreneurs in the skills necessary to resource their initiatives, grow global partnerships with American collaborators, cultivate the next generation of young Japanese social entrepreneurs, and ultimately strengthen and transform the civil society sector in Japan. The SIFJ was made possible due to generous support from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnerships and the US-Japan Council.

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