Global Leadership 101

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Uncover your true purpose. Develop your leadership skills. Forge lasting connections across the globe.

GLA 101 is a course of study for global-minded young adults that is designed to build you up and equip you with the tools you need to address the challenges of the 21st century. Learn the key principles of transformational leadership while uncovering your core values and true purpose. All of this and more is covered in the GLA 101 course.

Not only is this course a resume builder for your college application, you will gain real-life skills, confidence in your leadership style, and more self-awareness to advance your study and career. By successfully completing this course, you will receive a course certificate from Western Washington University, which is one of the top 5 public universities in the state of Washington.

Approx. 12hrs.
5 weeks.
VND 120,000,000
Max 25 people

About the Program

Flexible, dynamic, online learning for the needs of now

Discover authentic leadership with easy to access virtual modules. Explore at your own pace, learning wherever and whenever you want. Our unique online learning software gives you total control.

You’re learning online, but you won’t be learning alone. Connect with classmates during weekly virtual lessons. Forge friendships with young adults just like you, located all around the globe.

You’ll benefit from our two decades of expertise in global leadership development courses. For these times when we can’t meet in person, virtual learning offers a nearly identical learning experience.  You’ll be taught the same proven framework through the same engaging methods and have access to the same outstanding community. Virtual leadership courses with iLEAP will provide meaningful experiences that have the power to change your life.

All English levels welcome here

You won’t be left behind if your English skills are less than perfect. All instruction is available in your native tongue as well as English. Plus, GLA has teamed up with Western Washington University to help you master the English skills that will set you apart from the crowd.

Global perspective with personalized attention

iLEAP is not like other global leadership programs. Our small groups make sure you won’t get lost in the crowd. Our instructors get to know you and are dedicated to your success. We understand the challenges non-native English speakers face when taking an English language course and have developed the resources needed to help you. You’ll get focused individual attention when you need it.

Pursue a life of purpose and advance social good

The world is facing extreme challenges that need leaders like you to solve them. Our Global Leadership 101 course will equip you with the skills you need. And inspire others to join you.

Course Details

Global Leadership 101 Topic Overview:

  • Personal Leadership: Dive deep to discover your inner leader and authentic leadership style
  • Core Values: Understand how your values color your view of the world. And how you can use these to find your purpose.
  • Leadership Styles: Understand the many ways to be a leader 
  • Learning for Transformation: Learn skills to increase your agility and adaptability leading to the transformation of yourself and others.
  • Reflective Practice: Increase your self-awareness and achieve a greater sense of accomplishment through reflection.
  • Human Systems: Empower yourself and others through an understanding of relationships.
  • Leadership in Practice: Apply your leadership learning through making and implementation of a group project.


  • Sunday, Nov. 13
  • Sunday, Nov. 20
  • Sunday, Nov. 27
  • Sunday, Dec. 4
  • Sunday, Dec. 11
  • Sunday, Feb. 5 (Follow up session)

*All dates from 7pm to 9pm in Indochina Time

Sunny headshot


Sunny Watts

Credentials: Director of Curriculum, iLEAP |  Full bio>

For over twenty years, Sunny has been an educator with a passion for creating dynamic learning environments for individuals from diverse international backgrounds. When developing curriculum, she focuses on incorporating arts-infused disciplines, so as to facilitate active learning where individuals fully participate in their growth and development. She works with GLA students with a level of devotion, playfulness and flexibility in order to best light up their learning experience.

Her path has brought her to complete her Master’s Degree in Education at NYU in New York City, teach children on film sets and Broadway shows, teach internationals, and even teach at the circus! She teaches a variety of subjects including Leadership and SAT prep, to help students best prepare to enter American universities.

As a mother of two children, Sunny connects deeply with students, provides a safe place for them to grow and learn, is genuinely curious about each student that arrives in her classroom (virtual or in person) and encourages each student to find their true self and their true path to their truest self.

Lake Garda, Italy
English, Italian
Britt Yamamoto

From our Founder & President

“GLA 101 distills iLEAP’s two decades of life-changing leadership training expertise into a short-course that anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy. It is the realization of our long-standing hope to offer our transformational curriculum to more people and, during the particularly challenging times, we are excited for the GLA to be a positive force in creating a better future for all.”

Washington, USA
English, Japanese, Spanish

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