Network Leadership

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Network Leadership

Be the Change with Network Leadership.

Today’s complex and increasingly interconnected world requires Network Leadership—an approach that prioritizes collaboration and is rooted in trusting relationships and interdependence. In the Network Leadership course, you will learn key principles and practices to navigate complexity, build trust, and co-create a shared future. The course includes practical frameworks, experiential learning, and the opportunity to be part of a peer learning community.
Approx. 12 hrs.
4 weeks.
English only
USD 395
Max 25 people

About the Program

Cultivate trusting relationships, connect people around a shared purpose, and foster collaboration on many levels.

Network Leadership is the key to collaborating and creating impact in a complex and interdependent world. What if we, as leaders, could share power, elevate the voices of others, and build trust within our teams and communities? With Network Leadership, many people are empowered to take action and collaborate in the service of a common purpose. Join us to learn Network Leadership principles and practices you can apply to your life, your community, your network, or your organization. Be the change.

Global perspective with personalized attention

iLEAP is not like other global leadership programs. Our small groups make sure you won’t get lost in the crowd. Our instructors get to know you and are dedicated to your success.  You’ll get focused individual attention when you need it.

Course Details

Network Leadership Topic Overview:

  • Module 1: Introducing Networks and Network Leadership
  • Module 2: Exploring the Network Mindset and Working with Emergence
  • Module 3: Practicing our Network Leadership Skills
  • Module 4: Engaging Diversity and Growing our Network Leadership

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of network leadership in our complex and interdependent world
  • Become familiar with the network mindset and key principles of Network Leadership
  • Learn and apply Network Leadership practices to your organization, network, or community.

In partnership with:

Elisa Henderson


Elsa Henderson

Elsa moves between the roles of facilitator, coach, and educator. She is committed to working with individuals and groups to connect with their innate resources, align with purpose, and create a positive impact. Elsa has a master’s in conflict facilitation and a background in depth psychology and anthropology. For the past 8 years, she has taught facilitation and leadership development. Based in Portland, Oregon, Elsa works internationally. She is faculty at the Metavision Institute, Australia, and a facilitator at the Converge Network, where she works to support a shift into a network mindset and to cultivate the practices of network leadership.  In her free time, she enjoys trail running, traveling, and cooking with friends. 

Portland, OR, USA
Paula Manley


Paula Manley

Paula supports leaders, organizations, and communities working for a more just, equitable, and creative world. She is a group facilitator, strategist, and educator who partners with diverse groups to advance arts and culture, conserve and restore our environment, foster health, and wellness, and support democratic participation in the life of our communities. As a member of Converge, Paula works with clients to support the development of networks for learning and action, and to advance the principles and practices of network leadership. She is based in Portland, Oregon (USA). In the summer months, she can be spotted in her kayak in the waterways of the Pacific

Portland, OR, USA

When the best leader’s work is done the people say, “We did it ourselves.”

ーLao Tzu