JALD Youth Leadership Initiative (JAYLI)

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Learn global leadership! Improve your English skills! Connect with peers and leaders from around the world!

Through the JAYLI scholarship, you can learn about global leadership in the iLEAP Global Leadership Academy while also improving your English communication skills in the English for Transformational Leadership (ETL) program at Western Washington University.

JAYLI is a partnership with the Japanese American Leadership Delegation (JALD) class of 2019, and is a fully-funded program. This means that, if you are selected as a JAYLI Scholar, there are no program costs to participate!

Application Deadline: Monday, February 1, 2021

Western Washington University

Program Dates

March 13–April 11, 2021



Approx. 24 Hours to Complete



Free for scholars


Up to 20 available

Class Size

Up to 25, working in groups of 8 or less

Flexible, dynamic, online learning for the needs of now

JAYLI scholars enroll in both the iLEAP Global Leadership Academy’s Global Leadership 101 (GLA 101) course and Western Washington University’s English for Transformational Leadership (ETL) program. Both GLA 101 and ETL are online/distance courses.

Global Leadership (GL) 101

This program is for global-minded young adults, designed to build you up and equip you with the tools you need to address the challenges of the 21st century. In GL 101 you learn the key principles of effective leadership while uncovering your core values through dynamic exercises that take you “beyond the screen” as you come closer to your local community and connect with peers and leaders around the world. Learn More

English for Transformational Leadership (ETL)

ETL is a unique English language course that was specially designed by Western Washington University for iLEAP students. In this course, students gain confidence in writing, comprehension, and speaking skills, and focus on the leadership specific vocabulary needed to achieve their goals. Learn More

Program Schedule

All sessions will occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Each session will be 1.5 to 4 hours long. Schedule subject to change.

  • 11:30 > 12:30
    Week 1
  • 12:30 > 13:30
    Week 2
  • 13:30 > 14:30
    Week 3
  • 14:30 > 15:30
    Week 4
  • 15:30 > 16:30
    Week 5
Sat morning (JST)
  • 11:30 > 12:30
    English for Transformative Leadership (ETL)
  • 12:30 > 13:30
    English for Transformative Leadership (ETL)
  • 13:30 > 14:30
    English for Transformative Leadership (ETL)
  • 14:30 > 15:30
    English for Transformative Leadership (ETL)
  • 15:30 > 16:30
    English for Transformative Leadership (ETL)
Sun morning (JST)
  • 11:30 > 12:30
    Foundation of Leadership
  • 12:30 > 13:30
    Leadership Styles
  • 13:30 > 14:30
    Personal Leadership
  • 14:30 > 15:30
    Global Mindset & Agility
  • 15:30 > 16:30
    Leadership Statement

Important information:

Application Deadline: Monday, February 1, 2021, 1700hrs JST
Program Dates: Saturday, March 13, 2021 to Sunday, April 11, 2021
Why Learn with iLEAP and Western Washington University?

Outstanding Faculty from Around the World
Designed for Non-Native English Speakers
Global Community for Collaboration and Networking
Real-World skills to help achieve your future goals
Certificate from an American University
Personalized Attention

JAYLI is led by all iLEAP GLA faculty

Each GLA course is created in collaboration with experts and professionals from around the world. Our faculty have years of experience teaching and working across cultures and, most importantly, know how to nurture and facilitate learning within each individual participant.

Featured Faculty

Britt Yamamoto, PhD, MSc

Credentials: Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington; CEO & Co-Founder, Perennial; President & Founder, iLEAP
Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish

Britt’s Perspective: “GLA 101 distills iLEAP’s two decades of life-changing leadership training expertise into a short-course that anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy. It is the realization of our long-standing hope to offer our transformational curriculum to more people and, during the particularly challenging times, we are excited for the GLA to be a positive force in creating a better future for all.”

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(Last revised 10/14/20)
Course details:

Sections & Dates for JAYLI in 2021:

March 13 to April 11

Other Courses

English for Transformational Leadership

Participants can strengthen their leadership-specific English skills with this prep course.

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Personal Leadership

Participants further develop their core leadership skills in self-awareness and discernment through guided activities that bring forward individuals’ greater clarity and confidence.

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Global Pluralism in Practice

Course Description coming soon!

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Global Leadership 101

GL101 is a hybrid learning course that nurtures leadership in young people and equips them with the strategic tools for transformation needed to address the challenges of the 21st century. GL101 approach to leadership emphasizes skills-building in self-awareness, agility/adaptability, global mindset, empathy, and discernment.

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Social Leadership and the SDGs

Participants learn and deepen their understanding of action in leadership and leadership in action. We focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and map their Social Ecosystem to guide participants to their unique calling for making a positive impact in the world.

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