Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

What do I need to take part in the Global Leadership Academy?

You will need a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. Course modules and virtual sessions can be accessed from any web browser. 

Who can join the Global Leadership Academy?

 The GLA is for young adults, approximately ages 15 to 35.

Can I stay engaged with the Global Leadership Academy after my course is finished?

Yes! Alumni activities occur year-round and are announced via email. 

How do I apply to the GLA?

 You can access the GLA application online here

When will I know if I’m accepted?

You should hear about your application status within two weeks of submission. All correspondence is sent via email. Please use an email address that you check often when completing your application. 


What is the time commitment?

Each course requires a different time commitment. Most of our courses are 3 to 4 weeks long and require 20-30 hours of time to complete. 

Will I have homework?

Yes. Our courses are designed to maximize your learning opportunities. This means some exercises will need to be completed outside of the virtual sessions. At the same time, we have designed each course to be light on homework.

Are there any differences in the content between the "English-only" and “English-Hybrid” course?

English-hybrid courses offer course content in your native language as well as English. You can expect about 60% of the course material to be in your native language, while 40% of the course material will be in English. Otherwise, the course curriculum is exactly the same between the courses.

What if I miss a live/synchronous session? Will there be a follow-up?

We understand that emergencies come up and you might miss a session. Live virtual sessions will be recorded. All participants will have access to these recordings.

Will I get a certificate when I finish a course?

All participants in the English for Transformational Leadership course will receive a certificate from Western Washington University upon completion. iLEAP and WWU are working towards being able to offer more certificates soon.

Western Washington University

What is this partnership with Western Washington University? Who are they?

Western Washington University (WWU) is a leading public institution in the United States. Through our partnership, we are able to offer Global Leadership Academy students an exceptional education and English instruction. Additionally, our partnership grants GLA students the ability to receive a certificate from an American University after completing certain courses. 

iLEAP’s partnership with WWU spans both our distance programs (GLA) and in-person programs (Global Leadership Abroad). WWU has designed a special English Course for GLA students called English for Transformational Leadership through their Intensive English Program (IEP).

Will I get college credit for courses with WWU?

No. At this time all GLA courses are non-credit bearing.

Is there a separate application for WWU?

No, this is not required to participate in a GLA course.

Financial Aid

Are scholarships available? Does the GLA offer financial aid?

Yes. Thanks to generous donors, we can extend needs-based scholarships for most GLA programs. There is a separate application please click HERE to apply.

Language Requirements

What level of English is recommended for participation in the Global Leadership Academy?

English fluency is NOT a requirement for the GLA.  While we offer English only courses, many courses also offer an English-hybrid option to help those with low-intermediate English skills. We will work with you to assess which course style is right for you.

Does the GLA offer English language support?

Yes! iLEAP is excited to offer English language support through our partnership with Western Washington University. English for Transformational Leadership will help improve your English skills in preparation for any GLA course. 

What languages are offered for “English-Hybrid” courses?

All our courses currently offer Japanese as an English-hybrid option. We are working to develop courses in other languages, including in Spanish, German, and Italian. 


Do I need a stable internet connection to join the GLA?

 Yes, stable internet is required to participate in the live virtual sessions. Unfortunately, if internet access is an issue for you, full program participation may be a challenge.