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The iLEAP Global Leadership Academy (GLA) nurtures leadership in young people and equips them with the personal and professional tools for transformation needed to address the challenges of the 21st century. 

The GLA is built on two decades of iLEAP’s expertise in training transformational leaders. Capable of reaching to all corners of the globe, GLA equips young adults with the tools needed to find solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Modern problems require modern solutions. The GLA is that – a modern leadership training program for young adults who want to change the world. In the GLA, you’ll learn to lead with empathy. You’ll discover yourself, learning how to tap into your strengths and weaknesses. The GLA will teach you how to use the powerful tools of engaged listening and discernment to create meaningful change. 

The leaders of today require a new set of skills to find solutions to current challenges. In the Global Leadership Academy, you’ll learn a proven leadership model adapted for a virtual environment. You’ll discover your true calling and grow your leadership skills no matter where you are in the world.

Platforms: Zoom/Sutra

Duration: Courses ranging from 2 to 6 weeks in length

The GLA was created to grow young leaders who can build strategic and transformational partnerships in this new world on a foundation of awareness, empathy, and connection.

GLA Core Leadership Tools

  • Self-Awareness: Discover your strengths and weaknesses to lead with confidence
  • Listening: Connect with others by understanding their “why”
  • Agility: Swiftly adapt to new challenges and find their solutions
  • Global Mindset: Transcend borders to collaborate on global problems
  • Empathy: Establish trust and build authentic relationships 
  • Discernment: Develop confidence in your decisions through critical thinking

Our Core Values

  • Connection for transformation
  • Create space for all to feel seen and heard
  • Learning is discovery
  • Your story is the story
  • We are all leaders

We have designed the GLA as a digital offering to connect the iLEAP approach to leadership to as many young people as possible, all around the world, during these times of limited mobility.

Why Join GLA?


  • Discover Yourself: Guided reflections help uncover what makes you unique.
  • Discover Your Values: Directed exercises will clarify what matters most to you.
  • Receive One-on-One Guidance: You’ll experience faculty committed to your success.
  • Learn in Small Groups: You can create lasting connections with your peers without being lost in a crowd.


  • Discover Your Leadership: The time-tested iLEAP model of global leadership teaches you the why and how of leadership.
  • Clarify Your Career Path: Our courses will guide you to understand how you can use your unique gifts to create meaningful change in the world.
  • Gain Valuable Skills: Learn the tools needed to create transformational change in our rapidly changing world.
  • Learn from Professionals: World-class faculty will pass on their knowledge through directed exercises.
  • Graduate with a Certificate:  Receive recognition for your skills through a certificate granted by Western Washington University. *As of July 2020, this is offered upon successful completion of the English for Transformational Leadership course and one GLA course.


  • Whole-Person, Community-Based Learning: Co-create your learning experience with your community within the GLA.
  • Language is not a Barrier: GLA courses are offered in both English-hybrid and English-only sessions.
  • Tuition is Affordable: only $495 to enroll in Global Leadership 101.
  • A Flexible Schedule: Courses are designed to fit into any busy weekday schedule with both live virtual sessions and self-study modules.