For Parents

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The GLA provides a safe, compassionate, and encouraging learning environment where young people, especially teenagers, can thrive. Young people have the freedom to explore their creativity, they are shown respect, and they are invited and expected to be their best selves.

Through the GLA, they can also achieve a formal Certificate of Completion from Western Washington University, a significant contribution to their professional resume.

Personal Development

At iLEAP we believe that young people are the leaders of both today and tomorrow, and that they have the power to transform themselves and their communities. In our nearly fifteen years of running international programs, iLEAP graduates consistently experience more clarity in who they are as young people, greater confidence to move towards their dreams and contribute to the lives of others, and a supportive community in which they feel empowered, safe and hopeful.

I was surprised how many hopes and dreams I have within myself. Through reflection and the iLEAP community of support, I discovered new hopes, dreams and a vision for my future. All of this gives me so much energy and motivation to move forward with what I believe in.

Professional Development

iLEAP programs provide participants with the kinds of skills and experiences that help them in both their academic pursuits and professional development. Countless iLEAP graduates have credited their iLEAP experience with helping them to secure a job or be accepted into university—largely because they are able to speak about themselves and their leadership in ways that stand out from their peers. iLEAP’s reflective approach brings out this confident voice in each participant and, in turn, gives them a distinct advantage in their professional pursuits. Finally, our affiliation with Western Washington University provides students with a connection to an institution of higher learning, based in the United States, which can certainly benefit them in the future. Depending on their level of advancement in the GLA, students can also receive a Certificate of Completion from Western Washington University. As of July 2020, this is offered in conjunction with successful completion of the English for Transformational Leadership course.

iLEAP opened up the door for my career path. At my job interview, I was able to speak about my global experience, use English communication skills, and share about my leadership. As a result, I was secured a job at one of the most well-known international companies in Japan.

Staff & Supervision

Our staff and faculty have extensive experience working with young people and participants are cared for and closely supervised. Working groups are small (6 or less people) and building positive relationships with adults and peers is central to our program. We expect that participants leave the GLA with new friends and mentors who can be of great support to them through their personal and professional development.

The iLEAP staff are always very considerate and skillful at creating a space for everyone in the program to feel safe without being judged, so we can be open and feel valued as we are.

Pre-GLA Communication

After acceptance and registration participants receive a welcome letter which covers logistical details to ensure that everyone is fully ready for the GLA experience. At any time in the process, please feel free to contact us with any questions.