Who We Are

Mission & Vision

The iLEAP Mission is to nurture a new generation of globally-minded leaders with the inner and outer resources to pursue lives of purpose and to advance social good.


The iLEAP Vision is a world where people find meaningful connection and we celebrate our common humanity.

Participant sitting in iLEAP seminar
iLEAP Participant Speaking
Seattle, USA

iLEAP designs and delivers transformational education experiences that can be customized to both distance and in-person learning environments. The distance education programs are administered through our Global Leadership Academy and in-person education program through our partnership with Western Washington University. We are experienced with conducting programs as short as one week and as long as eight months; most commonly, programs are one to three weeks in length.

Our curricula are centered around learning themes of education, social innovation and leadership and balances personal inquiry and reflection with collaboration. Each training integrates different learning modalities including reflective, didactic, emotional, experiential, and collaborative.

Who We Serve

iLEAP serves those who seek to grow their leadership and to learn how they can advance social good in the world. Over our history, we have been largely focused on those coming from or working in a East Asia context due to our strategy of leveraging over a decade of work and hundreds of graduates in the region. However, we are now actively developing programs for a global audience. Some of the general profiles of the people iLEAP currently serves:

High School and University students interested in growing their confidence in leadership and clarity for their future
Recent graduates searching for their career path and next steps
Working professionals wanting to expand their perspectives on work and deepen their purpose

Since 2008, our educational programs have been creating transformational and life-changing experiences for young people through highly integrated curricula that combine experiential, group, and reflective learning.

What I really realized after iLEAP is it’s all about how I am, not where I am or what I do. How I am is the key to change the society and I deeply understand what I learned at iLEAP.

of our graduates say that their iLEAP experience grew their leadership and hope for the future.

I now understand my leadership style and will work in my community to be a more influential and compassionate leader for others.