Yuka Kitajima (Japan)

Program Manager

Yuka is the Program Manager of Global Leadership Academy, where she co-designs curriculum and coordinates with various stakeholders across countries to create meaningful and transformative learning experiences for the participants.

Born and raised in Japan, and studying and doing several internships in the U.S. for four years until 2017, Yuka can bring unique perspectives to the table. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from DePauw University (Indiana, USA) in 2017, specializing in collective memory and intercultural conflicts transformation.

In addition to iLEAP, Yuka serves in multiple roles all in hopes to better the learning environment for youths, hence better the society and its future. Currently, she is a Learning Designer and Partner Relations Manager at TAKTOPIA & Co., a Tokyo-based education start-up; and a Research Analyst at MIRATUKU, a Kyoto-based non-profit think tank.

Yuka’s mission is to help students cultivate self-determination and their social awareness. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Japanese fiction novels, watching American sitcoms, and learning new languages.

languages: Japanese, English
pronouns: she/her/hers